polycell trade polyfilla one fill

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Nectar Points = 16 Nectar Points

A lightweight filler designed to fill deep gaps in one application without sagging or slumping - even on ceilings.

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  • Millions of microscopic glass beads give no-sag characteristics.
  • Can be over-painted in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Super smooth, no need to sand.
  • Will not shrink or crack.
  • Not structural.
  • For use both inside and outside.
  • The tube and cartridge are ideal for smaller repairs, and the cartridge is also perfect for sealing plasterboard joints.

Please be aware that within the colour tinting system not every colour is available to be tinted across all brands and all finishes. Once your order has been placed, a representative from your local DDC store will contact you via telephone to discuss the specific details of your colour order.