Diamond Range

Dulux Diamond Range

When you need a finish that shrugs off stains and tackles scuffs easily the Diamond range is your answer. Durability is the key, and so each product within the Diamond range is strong and tough, particularly when it comes to dealing with high traffic areas.

Durability depends on two things; it must repel stains on contact and any marks that do occur can be easily wiped away. The new Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell products now incorporate an innovative stain repellent technology to create the ideal finish for any area where stains, scuffs and marks are likely to occur. Keep your walls, ceilings and woodwork looking as good as new for longer.

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Dulux Trade Diamond Matt

We've developed a brand new and even more advanced formula to make our Diamond Matt paint even stronger. Designed to repel stairs and marks easily, Diamond Matt is perfect for high traffic areas such as halls, stairwells and anywhere that has to take on lots of grubby hands and other common stains. Find out more product information here.

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Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell

With stain repellent technology and the ability to withstand high levels of humidity, Diamond Eggshell is the ideal finish for bathrooms and kitchens to cover interior walls, ceilings and woodwork. Plus, it will stay looking great for longer, with an easy to clean water-based formulation. See more from this product here and discover why it’s even better than standard water-based eggshells.

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Dulux Trade Diamond High Performance Eggshell

Five times tougher than even Diamond Eggshell, Diamond High Performance Eggshell is even more resistant to stains and scuffs. Super high traffic areas, especially areas where members of the public will be passing through, are the ideal location for this super tough finish, keeping surfaces looking great for longer. View even more benefits of this product here.

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